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Interpretation of dream: Book

A book, particularly a sacred one such as the Bible or Koran, signifies hidden or sacred knowledge. Any religious book in dreams presupposes some kind of spiritual realization or some knowledge gained. It represents our need to look into the realms of sacred or arcane knowledge or for reassurance that we are going in the right direction. Intellectually, we are searching in our dreams for ways which will help us to handle what happens in our lives. We will need to look very carefully at our religious beliefs, myths and legends, and decide what relevance they have for us. Many systems of belief have long held to there being a book in which all our deeds are recorded, and for which we are accountable. Our search for knowledge and the ability to learn from other peoples experience and opinions is symbolized in dreams by books and libraries. To dream of old books represents inherited wisdom and spiritual awareness. If we dream of a Bible or other religious book it usually means that we are aware of traditional moral standards. We need a code of conduct that helps us to survive. To dream of account books indicates the need or ability to look after our own resources, practical and otherwise. You may also like to consult the entry for Reading for further clarity.