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Interpretation of dream: Bonds

There are two meanings for bonds in dreams. One is as in savings bonds (promissory notes) and the second as in bindings and cords. Spiritually, the significance is that of an undertaking, the changing of conflict into law and order, of chaos into cosmic order. Evil can traditionally be contained by binding it, whether by magical technique, symbolism or visualization. Depending on whether the dreamer is being bound or doing the binding, it shows submission to agreater force. Depending on whether we are giving or receiving promissory bonds, we need to consider our emotional commitment to ourselves and our own concerns. To be aware of being fettered, snared or held fast by chains or other such bonds indicates the possibility that our emotional selves may be out of control. To dream of promissory notes indicates that we have a sense of commitment to a person or a principle - that we are capable of making promises which we can keep. To dream of other bonds deals with the binding or holding that can occur in situations and relationships. You might like to consult the entries for Chains, Chaos and Halter.