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Interpretation of dream: Bolt

Since there is more than one meaning for bolt, you will need to decide which is appropriate. A bolt on a door may signify that you are feeling imprisoned in a situation, perhaps by your own beliefs. A bolt as in nuts and bolts suggests the masculine principle or drive, while the bolt from a crossbow signifies direct action or speech. Psychologically, dream images can highlight a state of mind, and seeing nuts and bolts is often a way of alerting us to basic ideas or how things work, so that we understand better. The idea of a bolt from the blue suggests sudden comprehension. When we are bolting a door we may be trying to shut something in or out - often a feeling or emotion. When a plant has bolted or gone to seed, circumstances around us have gone past their best. In engineering terms a nut represents the feminine and the bolt the masculine. In both men?s and women?s dreams the bolt can thus signify sex or the sexual act, but is more often to do with intimate relationships - perhaps where two people have an innate understanding of one another. You might like to consult the entries for Bow, Key, Keyhole and Nut for further clarity.