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Interpretation of dream: Boil

The symbolism of fire applied to water to bring about a change in temperature is a strong spiritual image denoting perhaps passion and ferment. Two Elements in juxtaposition esoterically suggests power and energy. A boil as in a skin condition signifies an infection or contamination of a cherished idea. Water often signifies emotion, so to boil water suggests an increase in emotional content. To dream of being covered in boils signifies that we have offended a code of ethics and feel that we are 'unclean'. When we are boiling up - as in running a fever - in dreams we are echoing distress in everyday life. There is nowhere for excess energy to go. In a womans dream, to be boiling a kettle suggests that she is seeking some kind of transformation in herself. For a man to have such a dream indicates he is more likely to be seeking this in someone else. Consult the entries for Fire, Kettle and Water.