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Interpretation of dream: Urine

Urine in a dream often indicates our feelings about emotional control. We may either yield to emotion or bottle it up. The way we deal with urine in dreams often also tells us a great deal about our own sexuality, because they are both instinctive behaviours. To dream of the upper part of the body links with the mind and the spiritual aspects of the character, while the lower part of the body represents the instincts and emotional aspects. An adults head on an immature body, or a childs head on an adult body is an indication that we need to recognize the differences between mature thought and emotion. If there is conflict between the upper and lower part - for instance the lower half being bigger and the top half smaller - then it indicates that there is disharmony between the mental faculties and instinctive behaviour. The right side or right hand being especially noticeable in dreams signifies we should take note of the logical side of our personality, whereas the left side or left hand indicates we need to be aware of our intuitive, creative side. You might like to consult the entries for People and Position for further clarification.