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Interpretation of dream: Hands

The hands are one of the most expressive parts of the body and signify power and creativity. The right hand is the 'power' hand, while the left is passive and receptive. Sometimes in dreams the left hand can represent cheating. If the hands are contrasted with each other and/or have a different object in each, it indicates there may be some conflict in us between our beliefs and feelings. A hand on the breast signifies submission. Clasped hands indicate union or friendship, while clenched hands suggest a threat. Folded hands suggest deep repose or a state of rest. The hands covering the eyes generally represent shame or horror, while hands crossed at the wrists suggest that we are being bound, perhaps by our own actions. The open hand represents justice whilst the laying on of hands signifies healing and blessing, particularly if the hand is placed on the neck. Hands placed together give an indication of defencelessness; if they are placed in someone else?s it suggests a pledge of service or commitment. When the hands are raised this can indicate either adoration, prayer or surrender; if the palms are turned outwards a blessing is being given; when they are raised to the head we should give a great deal of thought and care to our current situation. Washing the hands suggests innocenceor rejection of guilt, while wringing the hands signifies grief. A huge hand, particularly from the sky, suggests that we have been 'specially chosen'. For this reason, advertising that contains such an image has a profound effect.