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Interpretation of dream: Belly

The belly is the seat of the solar plexus, a spiritual centre or chakra which carries vitality. It can, therefore, also be a focus for appetite and earthly desires. At times it suggests an initiatory process when it takes on the symbolism of the womb. If our own belly is distended in our dream, we may be at a point where, psychologically at least, release is necessary either through anger or frank speech. To be aware of someone else?s belly draws our attention to their emotions. You may need to learn to trust your own instincts and intuition. Equally you may be coming to terms with repressed emotion and pain. Often before she knows she is pregnant, a woman may become conscious of her belly in dreams. Body dysmorphia, such as dreaming of becoming fat, is quite common at this time. Consult the entries for Abdomen, Stomach and Womb in Body.