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Interpretation of dream: Bee

The bee symbolizes immortality, rebirth and order. Through a connection with the Great Mother, a beehive signifies eloquence and direct speech. To dream of a queen bee registers our need to feel, or be, superior in some way. We may possibly feel the need to be served in our chosen purpose by others. We are also aware of the need for hard work and industry. To dream of tending a beehive alerts us to the need for good management of our resources. As a symbol of something to be feared, as well as tamed and used, the meaning of bees in dreams can be ambivalent. To be stung by a bee is a warning of the possibility of hurt. Being attacked by a swarm indicates that we are creating a situation which may become uncontrollable. The beehive is said to represent an ordered community and, therefore, the ability to absorb chaos. You might also like to consult the entry for Hive.