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Interpretation of dream: Bath

From a spiritual perspective, any dream where water is involved suggests an act of cleansing or initiation. Communal bathing depicts innocence and sensuality combined. When we dream of bathing someone, it shows the need to nurture or to have an intimate connection with another person. We may have knowledge which can help or heal. When we dream of being in the bath, it may indicate the need for cleansing of some old feelings, the need to relax, to let go. We have an opportunity to contemplate what has occurred in the past and to adopt new attitudes. To be wearing a bathing costume denotes a degree of permitted exposure. For many women a bath can be a relaxing time of contemplation and can, therefore, have that significance in dreams. For men, it is more likely to be functional and, therefore, a time of planning. You might like to read the entries for Swimming, Washing and Water.