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Interpretation of dream: Bank

A bank suggests a secure space, where our spiritual resources are stored and increased with effort. It may also signify a place where an exchange of energy or power takes place. The banker represents the controlling, knowledgeable part of ourselves and thus our right to have personal management of our spiritual assets. Our internal resources need to be available to us in such a way that we have energy in reserve. Our emotional resources, such as self-confidence, social ability and wisdom, are secure, although there may be some insecurity over the actual management of those resources. Money and personal resources tend to be the things with which most people have difficulty. In our everyday life our financial, mental or spiritual resources may need careful management from a professional perspective. Our sense of security, without which it is difficult to venture into the world, needs to be properly managed and monitored. Our need for an authority figure to help us deal with problems that arise are usually symbolized by the banker or bank manager in dreams. In a womans dream a banker may represent a type of father figure and the bank, depending on her own inherent personal abilities, a secure space. A mans dream is more likely to depict his own relationship with the material world.