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Interpretation of dream: Bamboo

Man is symbolized by the bamboo, inherently perfect yet able to be pliant - to bow before the storm. The bamboo also signifies gracefulness and friendship. In China, the seven-knotted bamboo denotes the seven stages of initiation undergone before becoming an adept. Intellectually, bamboo represents good breeding, long life and a fulfilling old age. On top of that, it highlights the ability to yield when under pressure. The pliability of bamboo indicates yielding but enduring strength. It is used as a cure in Feng Shui (the art of placement) because it is fast-growing, sturdy and will thrive in a variety of conditions. It will now have gained much of that significance in dreams. In both male and female dreams the bamboo plant can suggest androgeny. Also consult the entry for Androgen/Androgeny.