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Interpretation of dream: Ballerina

The figure of a ballerina is dreamlike in waking life, so in dreams a ballerina symbolizes music, fluidity and the inner aspect of spiritual feeling. We are aware of the creative side of ourselves and the need for controlled movement, yet in some ways it is separate from us. We are in touch with the expressiveness of our own inner being. The fairylike appearance of the classical ballerina within a dream shows we are making a connection with the creative energy within. Also we are searching for balance and poise. Modern ballet is a powerful medium with which to signify emotion, so in a mans dream a male ballet dancer will represent his more powerful emotions, whereas a ballerina is more likely to suggest his Anima. In a womans dream, however, the male dancer might suggest the Animus, while the ballerina suggests the more elusive side of her personality. You might like to consult the entries for Dance and Theatre.