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Interpretation of dream: Bald

Priests used to shave their heads to show they had nothing to hide. Before it became simply fashionable in todays world to be bald, baldness in a dream signified the attainment of spirituality with its attendant humility, and signified honesty. To dream of being bald when we normally have hair can be somewhat ambiguous. It suggests a loss, usually of intellectual prowess, but can also symbolize intelligence. To dream of someone who is bald when they normally have hair suggests we are being made aware of a degree of dullness in life. Many men nowadays choose to shave their heads when they are losing their hair and are taking a practical step to deal with a problem. In a mans dream, therefore, when he is bald it will have less of an emotional impact than it will when a woman finds herself in that position. Consult the entries for Hair and Head in Body and Hat/Cap in Clothes.