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Interpretation of dream: Balance

Spiritually, balance represents fairness and impartiality. To be thrown off balance suggests that we have received a sufficiently bad blow or emotional shock for us to lose that impartiality. Balanced scales are a representation of the zodiac sign of Libra. This suggests an equilibrium between two polarities ? often man?s higher and baser nature. Justice - and, therefore, a balanced viewpoint - is symbolized by the scales. To have the feeling that we are looking for the balance of a quantity of goods indicates we have more mental assets than we had first realized and need to start using them. When we dream of trying to maintain our balance or of being balanced in a difficult position, we are searching for stability. To dream of searching for the balance in a financial account means we are looking for something which, at present, remains unrecognized and unknown. In terms of spiritual progression in both mens and womens dreams, a representation of balance suggests an equilibrium between masculine and feminine qualities. You may also like to consult the entries for Scales and Zodiac.