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Interpretation of dream: Bait

Spiritually, when we are strong enough, we must 'tempt' negativity in some way in order to trap and ultimately control it. There is an aspect of our lives which needs bringing out into the open. We have to coerce that part of ourselves that is failing to co-operate into making progress. There is some kind of enticement which has to take place. Baiting an animal in dreams suggests a degree of cruelty which needs addressing. If we are laying bait then the implication is that we are, at least in part, aware of the problem. If the bait is already in position then it is a warning to be careful. In a womans dream, putting down bait can be an indication of her doubts about her own ability to attract a partner. She may feel that she has to entrap or ensnare a partner. In a mans dream the more practical side recognizes the need to capture an elusive idea or concept.