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Interpretation of dream: Badge

A badge signifies an emblem or insignia of office, an acknowledgement or reward for effort. Dreaming of such an object shows our need to be accepted, not just as ourselves, but also as part of a greater whole. A brooch also signifies an acknowledgement of value. We have been singled out for particular recognition, possibly because we have certain qualities. A badge can also have the same meaning as an amulet, a protective device against evil. To have our attention drawn to a badge makes us aware of our right to belong to a group. If a badge is recognizable in a dream we perhaps should try to assess what our feelings are about the organization or group involved. Brooches are often formed of precious or semi-precious gems and can impart a particular message. You might like to consult the entries for Gems/Jewels, Keepsake and Jewellery.