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Interpretation of dream: Back

Spiritually, sometimes we have to turn our back on the past and reject the known. It will be up to you to decide which elements of the past need rejecting. In certain dreams the backbone ? because it is the most stable part of our structure - signifies the Self. Backache in dreams, if not due to a physical cause, suggests that we are under some pressure, vis-a-vis a moral or spiritual issue. If we dream of turning our backs we are rejecting the particular feeling being experienced in the dream. There is a possibility that we are repressing our own urges or do not want to look at our inner feelings. We are in touch with the past and with memories. Intellectually we need to consider our firmness of character and recognize what has brought us to our present condition. Dreaming of seeing someones back suggests we should identify the more private elements in our character or those around us. We may also find that we are vulnerable to the unexpected. If the backbone is particularly noticeable in the dream we need to consider our main support structure. You might like to consider the entries for Body and Stab.