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Interpretation of dream: Armed forces
Armed forces

Any armed force is a disciplined group made up of many elements. It is this bringing together of the correct balance of factors which gives us a spiritual interpretation ? a strong force, usually for good, a coherent whole with a joint purpose. To be in the armed forces in dreams signifies belonging to a trained team; to be facing an army highlights our doubts about or refusal to accept a carefully thought out plan of action. While this may be for the greater good, in itself it may be dangerous. By its association with the sea, the navy in dreams signifies a more disciplined response to emotional matters, whereas the air force suggests the need for a targeted response to intellectual and philosophical matters. The idea of fighting for a common cause suggests developing qualities which we would not necessarily foster in isolation. As organizations that accept all types of people and develops their potential, the armed forces are not just fighting units but are, in theory, agents for change. In today's climate where everything is less regimented, a man dreaming of an army (or being a member of the armed forces) is likely to be about self-discipline, whereas a woman?s dream is more about the aspect of belonging to a group of like minded people. Consult the entries for Conflict, Sailor, Tank, Uniform and War for further clarity.