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Interpretation of dream: Apprentice

An apprentice is technically assigned to a worker in order to learn a trade or profession. In spiritual terms, we all learn by example and, should an apprentice appear in dreams, we need only discover what it is that we should be learning. Life is a learning process and an apprentice suggests that a commitment has been given to enable us to learn more ? to put our knowledge to good use and ultimately to pass on our own knowledge. To be learning as an apprentice suggests that we need more information in our working life. To be teaching an apprentice can suggest that we feel a promotion is appropriate. Previously apprenticeships were more valid for men than for women, so to an extent the interpretation for a man or a woman will differ according to their age group. An older man might dream of his own apprenticeship whereas an older woman may feel that someone around her is lacking skill. Todays apprentices will not necessarily perceive a division in labour.