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Interpretation of dream: Apple

Spiritually the apple is the fruit of temptation, yet it is also a magical fruit containing the seeds of knowledge and awareness. An apple suggests a new beginning and a freshness of approach. In many traditions it is the fruit of immortality. Apple blossom is a Chinese symbol of peace and beauty. Eating an apple symbolizes the wish to take in information or knowledge. This has an obvious connection with Eve?s temptation of Adam. As with many natural symbols, the phrases we use in the everyday can give rise to dream images. Thus to be giving someone an apple can suggest showing appreciation, whereas to pick up a rotten apple can signify meeting someone who is not good for us. Apples on a purely mundane level can signify fruitfulness, fertility, love and temptation. Sometimes in dreams they can suggest a particular time of year. It is mainly by association that the apple has come to represent the feminine principle and sometimes the maternal breast. It is more likely to have this meaning in a man?s dream than in a woman?s. As a symbol of carnal knowledge it represents fertility. The entries for Food and Fruit may give further clarification.