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Interpretation of dream: Antlers

Supernatural powers, fertility and nobleness of spirit are represented by antlers. An attribute of the primeval Horned God and his lust for life, they suggest power over nature. Psychologically these represent awareness of the potential for conflict between our nobler self and the baser instincts. The antler with ten points is the mark of the shaman or holy man. The deer is a noble animal, so the interpretation differs if the antlers are mounted, as in a trophy, or are seen on the animal. If the latter, then the interpretation is that of something that is supernormal and they may represent intellectual powers. If the former, then they may be interpreted as attempting to achieve high status. Antlers in dreams may always be considered to represent virility and sexual prowess, whether in a mans or womans dream. Consult the entry for Horns to enhance your understanding of your dream.