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Interpretation of dream: Ankh

The ankh is a key to the way to knowledge of hidden wisdom. Traditionally it is also a symbol for life and for the universe. As you progress in spiritual knowledge, dreams bring hidden information to the surface and the ankh in dreams often signifies a new level of awareness. The symbolism of the ankh is that of all-encircling power and protection throughout the trials and tribulations of physical life. It is the link between the human and Divine and for many is a magical symbol signifying initiation into such mysteries. On a mundane level the symbolism is similar to that of a cross. It represents the dreamer?s concept of the universe, or his religious beliefs. Formed as it is from the symbols of Egyptian deities Isis and Osiris - and, therefore, representing the generative principle - in a mans dream the ankh can suggest the power of resurrection, whereas in a womans dream it is more likely to suggest the power of life. You might also like to consult the entry for Cross in Shapes/Patterns and Spiritual Imagery in the Introduction.