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Interpretation of dream: Anger

Throughout history societies have believed that if their gods are displeased they will show their anger. If a dream figure is angry, therefore, we may feel that we are offending our own code of conduct or are suffering Divine displeasure. Often anger is symbolized in dreams by, for instance, a flaming torch or a raging animal. We can give ourselves permission to feel passion or aggression, which could be sexual or otherwise. Often the way we express emotion in dreams can give us information as to appropriate behaviour in everyday life. If someone is angry at you in dreams in an uncharacteristic way you may have offended them without consciously being aware that this has happened. Anger in a dream can often represent other passionate emotions. Aggression (an unprovoked attack) can be perceived as an extreme form of anger. We are struggling with the right to express that which is distressing us. We probably are unable to express emotion appropriately in waking life, but can do so in dreams. Annoyance is a mild form of anger which is a reaction to a perceived threat. It reflects our feeling that we are being denied what is ours by necessity or by right. Consult the entry for Argue/Arguments.