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Interpretation of dream: Angel

Nowadays, with a greater acknowledgement of the appearance of angelic figures, they are once again accepted as messengers of the Gods - heavenly powers and enlightenment. Traditionally perceived as beings of light, their appearance in dreams indicates that we are seeking a spirituality and purity of being that goes beyond the mundane. In almost all religious belief angels stand as intermediaries between us and the Divine. Archangels are a higher order of angels, each with their own responsibilities, and are more likely to appear if you are undertaking esoteric studies. From a psychological perspective the angel is the personification of the relationship with mother or mother figure and needs to be looked at as a separate entity to both her and the dreamer, i.e. as though it were a living, breathing being. Dreaming of angels indicates we are searching for a parental figure who gives unconditional love and support, or that we need to develop these qualities ourselves. We may be trying to introduce religious concepts into our lives. Angels appearance in dreams - for both men and women ?-suggest that we need to look at concepts that are particularly spiritual in origin. Both angels and archangels are traditionally identifiable by their attributes. You might also like to consult the information on Spiritual Imagery in the Introduction for further clarification.