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Interpretation of dream: Androgen

From the very earliest times the idea of two polarities being able to unite in perfect harmony has been inherent in all spiritual belief. The union of the masculine and feminine principle into one perfect being is a principle presented in various forms in art and literature. The androgen in dreams, at a certain stage of development, can indicate a perfect spiritual balance, a state of autonomy and primordial perfection. We need an understanding of how our emotional selves can balance our personalities. The presence of an androgen in dreams suggests that we need to reconcile opposing thoughts and feelings within ourselves to achieve a balanced progression. If we dream of someone and cannot decide if they are male or female we are making an attempt to reconcile the opposite sides of ourselves. We are searching for completion and wholeness. In both a womans dream and a man?s dream androgeny represents a coming to terms with the dynamic that can be created when we have an understanding of all aspects of our personality. We have, on some level, succeeded in what psychologists term ?integration.