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Interpretation of dream: Anchor

From a spiritual perspective the symbol of the anchor is particularly significant as it represents a boat and mast and hence the union of masculine and feminine. Its appearance in a dream shows we are working towards a time of a future tranquility. The anchor can also be the symbol of security and in Early Christian art was used as a representation of the Cross. Psychologically we need encouragement to develop the ability to ?hold fast during a period of instability. If we can ride out the storm we shall survive. When an anchor is being dragged during a dream, the external forces are too great for us. When an anchor appears in a dream it usually means the necessity to remain stable in emotional situations. We need to catch hold of a concept or idea which will give us a point of reference in difficult situations. In a mans dream the anchor can sometimes suggest his sexuality or perhaps his more creative urges. In a womans dream it suggests either her nurturing side, intuitive abilities or perhaps the security of relationship, either personal or Cosmic. You might also like to consult the entry for Boat/Ship.