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Interpretation of dream: Amputation

Spiritually any amputation signifies a loss of some sort - we may be attempting to disfigure the perfect. Often dreams show by their symbolism what is not right or good and a dream of amputation suggests that we need to take action to rectify the situation. We are suffering from a loss of power or ability and may, in the process, find that we have cut short an experience. Since pain is often a consequence of an amputation, we are trying to come to terms with pain or unpleasantness which has occurred in waking life. When we dream of the amputation of one of our own limbs, we risk or fear losing or cutting off, by repressing, a part of ourselves. There is loss of a facility or something we value. To dream of amputating someone else's limb indicates our ability to deny others their right to self-expression. Arising from the patterning laid down in the womb, dreams of amputation of a limb can often have a sexual or gender specific meaning. In a mans dream there is an aspect of emasculation occurring, whereas in a womans dream, she may be experiencing problems with aspects of her Animus. You might also like to read the entries for Guillotine and Operation as well as the information on Archetypes in the Introduction.