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Interpretation of dream: Ambush

Any dream that contains an image representing a force greater than ourselves suggests an inability to handle circumstances around us. The most outstanding element of an ambush is its surprise, highlighting the unexpectedness of such a situation. Spiritually this may be, for instance, emotions and feelings about past events or traumas, with which we may consider we have come to terms but which re-emerge to trap us. Dreams of being ambushed suggest that we are subconsciously aware of being in danger. Our way forward is blocked until we deal with the problem. Waiting to ambush someone else suggests an element of cruelty in our makeup and that we are waiting for someone to make a mistake. Circumstances around us are not what they seem and we can expect the unexpected. Whether we can deal with what happens depends on our strength of character and ability to handle crises. You may also like to consult the entry for Kidnap and Prison.