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Interpretation of dream: Altar

In most religions the altar signifies a sacred space where we commune with the Divine In the presence of the Divine, we can give thanks and be at one. Spiritually an altar signifies both the barrier and the link between the physical realms and the spiritual. The act of sacrifice, or rather of making our lives sacred, needs to be acknowledged and can be done through ceremony. An altar is an appropriate place to carry out such ceremonies, so in dreams it signifies a special place of great meaning. What is placed on the altar is significant and can be interpreted in the light of your religious belief or lack of such belief. Psychologically, it is worthwhile considering what is being sacrificed or given up, either willingly or unwillingly, in everyday life. An altar in a dream represents the means or need to give ourselves up to something that is more important than the immediate situation. It can also represent the centre of your world, the starting point for a new life, or the giving up of an old one. Within the framework of the differences between mens and womens dreams, working at an altar can highlight the difference between the archetype of the sorcerer, who tends to use power dispassionately, and the priestess, whose caring is more intuitive and in tune with what is needed. Also consult the entry for Table as well as the information on Spiritual Imagery in the Introduction.