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Interpretation of dream: Aeroplane

By association with the winged chariot, the aeroplane represents a spiritual journey. However as more and more people use this form of transport, the aeroplane can simply suggest the need for quick action or change of circumstance. Like the bus, it can represent a group purpose. An aeroplane denotes a search for psychological freedom, a move towards independent being. It also suggests transcendence of the mundane, a need to ?lift off into new ways of thinking. Dreams of aeroplanes can represent sudden or dramatic life changes. An aeroplane taking off represents a leap into the unknown and taking risks. An aeroplane landing indicates the success of a new venture or the outcome of a calculated risk. An aeroplane crashing suggests the failure of a venture or life dream. In some cases the aeroplane can suggest a phallic symbol or the assertive masculine. A man may choose this interpretation at the beginning of a new relationship, whereas a woman is more likely to use this interpretation as she progresses further into the relationship and understands her partners ambition and drive. You may also like to consult the entries for Abroad, Airport, Bus, Journey and Transport.