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Interpretation of dream: Advertisement

The dreaming mind will often use a well-known object or device to drive home its message and an advertisement is one of those devices. Information received psychically needs acknowledgement so we can move forwards. There is a need to put ourselves on the line and to be acknowledged for who we are. If we ourselves are the subject of the advertisement, we should expect to be more upfront and open about our activities. If someone we know is advertising themselves in our dream, we may have become aware that they have the ability to help us in our activities. Conversely, our subconscious may be alerting us to their need for help. Depending on the other content of the dream, this indicates those areas in our lives that need to be acknowledged or recognized. For instance, an advertisement on a hoarding might mean a way of working in the world, whereas a television advert would represent a way of thinking. To dream of reading an advertisement in a newspaper might have a more personal impact than any other type of message.