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Interpretation of dream: Addict

Spiritually, this is connected with the pleasure seeking, hedonistic aspect of the Self, which seeks a change of consciousness for the better. The story of Dionysus, who taught men how to grow and tend the vine and to make wine because he felt that man deserved the ecstatic experience, epitomizes mans search for a better world, and the need to understand his own passionate nature. Awareness of addiction in dreams is an identification of the hold our own passions may have over us. We fear loss of control (that is, control over ourselves), but also our control of other people. To be with a group of addicts suggests we do not understand our own behaviour in social situations. We may be conscious of the fact that we tend to become the victim in everyday life. Such a dream allows us to recognize and acknowledge obsessive behaviour in ourselves or others. We may be subconsciously aware or have an anxiety that someone or something is taking us over. To be addicted to someone is to have abdicated responsibility for ourselves. To be addicted to a substance such as tobacco, alcohol or drugs in a dream suggests an inability to relate properly to the world we live in and that we cannot function without some sort of a prop or psychological crutch. Also consult the entries for Alcohol/Alcoholic and Drugs.