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Interpretation of dream: Actor

There is an idea that we write our own scripts in life, so to perceive an actor on stage suggests that we each need to take responsibility for our actions and the act of living. Such an image may also suggest that we are somewhat dissociated from reality. We each are actors in our own play, so to see ourselves as actors suggests we may be projecting a particular persona or specific aspect of ourselves. We may not yet feel that we are in control of our own tiny, but are being ruled by the circumstances around us. We are being given the opportunity to make changes and become a different person. To dream of an actor, particularly a famous one, is to become aware of the ego in oneself. Very often we become conscious of the roles we are acting out every day and recognize that we are perhaps not playing the part we really want to in life. In a mans dream an actor can represent the public figure while an actress will suggest one of the feminine archetypes and his Anima. In a womans dream an actor may represent her Animus and an actress a hidden, perhaps unrecognized part of herself. You might also like to consult the entries for Celebrity, Famous People and Theatre.