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Interpretation of dream: Acorn

Life, fertility and immortality are symbolized by the acorn, as is the androgynous. In the seed cup is the feminine and in the nut the potential for all life. The two together suggest individual life. The germ of an idea is present. There is also a need for patience in dealings, either with ourselves or others (the acorn requires a long gestation period to grow into the mighty oak). When we dream of acorns there is a huge growth process beginning to emerge from small beginnings. There is a new potential for strength and spirituality. Since acorns appear in autumn, there may be the need to harvest or gather up the ideas before they can be stored, in order to give them time to work. Androgeny is inherent in the acorn along with the close relationship between the masculine and feminine principles with its potential for growth. This often means that this symbol should be interpreted by the male as fertility (normally a feminine realm) and by the female as tenacity and strength (usually perceived as masculine traits).