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Interpretation of dream: Abyss

The Underworld, which contains ghosts, ghouls, demons and inferior matters, has been pictured so often as frightening that it often appears in dreams as the abyss. On a very profound level, the Void or abyss is the Unknowable, that art of the Cosmos that is beyond our understanding. Considering the meaning of the Void or abyss and exploring doubts and fears may help with interpretation of your dream. There is a fear of losing control, of a loss of identity, or of some type of failure. More positively, it is possible to go beyond our own boundaries or present experience. Also the abyss indicates our coming to terms with opposites such as right and wrong, good and bad. To be on the edge of the abyss suggests having to come to terms with our own fears. To dream of an abyss indicates that you recognize within yourself the so-called bottomless pit or void. This is an aspect of the unknown which all of us must face at some time or another in our lives. It signifies risky action which must be taken without knowledge of what the outcome is going to be. Consult the entry for Empty for further information.