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Interpretation of dream: Abroad

Going or being abroad is all about new spiritual experiences. We are moving away from mundane earthly experiences, breaking new ground and transcending boundaries. If we are aware of the country we are in or travelling to, then there is a particular quality or character trait that may be developed in us. There is a psychological need to get away from, or leave, a situation. We are perhaps travelling towards something new. Our minds are more than capable of accepting new input and experience and will often do so on a subliminal level. We then become aware through dreams of what we have learnt, or what we have to do. To dream about being or going abroad gives us an understanding of our feelings towards the widening of our horizons, or making changes in our lives. Such dreams may also be connected with beliefs about the country in the dream (See Places). We are dreaming about personal freedom or the ability to move freely around our universe. Where the dreamer often travels in his or her workaday life, going abroad for a man may simply signify how he gets from A to B a logical progression. For a woman her issues may be about security and emotional commitment. Since the method of travel may be of significance, you may like to consult the entries for Aeroplane, Boat, Car, Journey and Transport.