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Interpretation of dream: Abortion

Pregnancy is a time of waiting and an abortion is an enforced ending of that time. The modern phrase termination of pregnancy is much closer to the spiritual implications of a dream about an abortion. Generally we must give up a cherished project or idea that has not yet come to full maturity in favour of something else, which ultimately is more important. The need to look clearly at what we have undertaken to do or to be in our lives becomes apparent. We are in a position to make decisions that will get rid of what is no longer needed, or free us from responsibilities that we cannot handle. We have internalized a new way of thinking or of being, which, on further consideration, may need to be rejected. There may be a need to reject a feeling, emotion, belief or concept that could be troublesome in some way. A risk has been taken which has not worked often in relationships ? and we must now make a conscious decision to restore the status quo. When a woman is pregnant and dreams of abortion, particularly during a first pregnancy, she is often trying to come to terms with her new status and any fears and doubts she may have. Such a dream is not usually precognitive. When a man has such a dream he may be beginning to come to terms with some kind of emotional trauma, feelings that he needs to understand and perhaps mourn. Additional information might be gleaned by consulting the entries for Baby, Family and Pregnancy.