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Interpretation of dream: Abnormal

TThe abnormal or strange traditionally has possessed magical powers, possibilities or opportunities. In dreams we tend to lose the logical scientific side of ourselves and to tap into the more aware open side. Such things used to be beyond understanding and, therefore, appear abnormal and, even today, can make us aware of potential beyond the obvious. In dreams abnormality often represents something that we instinctively feel is wrong, not balanced properly or out of kilter. With an understanding of spirituality we are more able to put the balance right. An awareness of abnormality alerts us to the fact that we should be paying particular attention to areas in life that are not in line with the way we feel they should be. To dream of a giant, for instance, can indicate that our attention is being drawn to particular issues to do with size or deformity. There is something in our life that may be too big or too distorted to handle. If the abnormality is extraordinary, such as an abnormal feeling or sound, it is the strangeness that needs to be explored. Inappropriate behaviour or distortion of what we consider to be normal can give us information help ful in managing a situation in everyday life. In the balance within us of masculine and feminine, both men and women can find that, as they reach for a better understanding of themselves, dreams bring to the surface traits of character which we consider to be abnormal or deviant. Considering the meaning of Magic/Magician and Size may widen your understanding of your particular dream.