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Interpretation of dream: Abduct

Abduction in a spiritual sense suggests being taken over by a force that cannot be contained and there is a stage in development where your dreams reflect the awareness of a spiritual force far greater than anything you have ever known. Many people believe that they have been abducted by aliens, and are radically changed by their perception of the experience. Abduction signifies being taken away against our will, forced to do something that goes against the grain. The two aspects of victimization and vulnerability come together in an act of abduction, reflecting an element of powerlessness in everyday life. If we appear to be the victim of abduction in dreams, we usually have an issue with authority, whether that is in a work situation or in our personal lives. It may be helpful to explore such difficulties to be free of the vulnerability this brings. If we ourselves are doing the abducting we should explore our need for control. Often in an intense relationship there is a sense of being overcome. For a woman this may result in dreams of abduction whereas a man is more likely to actually play the part of the ?knight in shining armour. You may find it helpful to read the entries for Alien, Hostage, Jailer, Kidnap and Prison.