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Interpretation of dream: Abacus

To over thousands of years numbers have taken on a mystical and magical quality, which has helped man to understand his world and eventually led to scientific discovery. Numbers and mathematics have a great deal of significance within spiritual development and thus anything which represents counting or classification bears careful interpretation. An abacus, which allows you to learn about numbers and such concepts as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, is today more of a childs toy than a scientific instrument. Though basic, it often suggests keeping some kind of a tally. Counting is an extension of language and the psychological significance of a measuring tool such as an abacus is often linked with the idea of learning new skills. A broken abacus may signify the ending of childhood or of innocence. | An abacus may simply be a reminder of times past which were perhaps less stressful than they are now. An abacus is an introduction to logic, a masculine quality, rather than intuition, a more feminine one. When a man dreams of an abacus, it may be that he is being reminded of the more logical side of his personality, or the need to calculate risk, whereas a woman may need to become conscious of her more objective qualities rather than rely on her emotions. Additional information can be gleaned by reading the entries for Calculator, Numbers and Toy.