Interpretation of dream: Yule

In Pagan times a log was decorated and burnt at the time of the Winter solstice (Yule) in order to clear away the Old Year, and to celebrate the return of the sun. In dreams it isseen as a symbol of light and new life. In modern times, the Yule log is often symbolized by a celebration cake. Decorated in a traditional fashion with greenery and candles, it honours the Holly King, who dies at this time, giving way to the Oak King who brings light. Therefore it tends to suggest the New Year and new beginnings in dream language. A Yule log represents an offering or sacrifice, particularly at the time of a spiritual or religious celebration when we pay homage to the gods. Originally the bringing in of the Yule log was a whole ritual in itself, requiring special prayers and offerings to ensure the next year's prosperity. In dreams such an image may suggest a time of celebration or of prosperity. Also consult the entry for Fire as well as Spiritual Imagery in the Introduction.