Interpretation of dream: Yew

A yew tree outlives most other trees, and regenerates when its branches take root, so even if the main trunk dies it still continues. Thus it symbolizes transformation, great age and spiritual immortality. Ancient peoples were in the habit of planting yew trees as acts of sanctification near to where they expected to be buried. Considered to be the most powerful tree for protection against evil, the yew is a means of connecting to your ancestors and a bringer of dreams and journeys into other dimensions. There can also be an aspect of word-play here as sometimes happens in dreams, in that the ?yew? is focusing your attention away from yourself as the dreamer to some other aspect of the dream. In former times the yew tree symbolized mourning and sadness and was a symbol of the old magic. While few people would necessarily recognize a yew tree, there is, on an unconscious level, awareness of such knowledge in everyone. Such a symbol can surface as instinctive awareness in dreams. You may also like to consult the entry for Tree.