Interpretation of dream: Vegetation

Vegetation in a dream symbolizes abundance and the capacity for growth on a spiritual level. While the obstacles we create for ourselves in life may cause difficulty, vegetation suggests that there is also an underlying abundance and fertility that is available to us. In dreams, a pictorial image can help us to understand this. To be clearing vegetation, for instance in a vegetable garden, can suggest clearing away that which is no longer of use to us. If vegetation is sparse enough in dreams for this to be noticeable there is a lack of emotion or passion in us. Vegetation in a dream can often represent the obstacles that we put in front of ourselves in order to grow. For instance, a patch of brambles can suggest irritating snags to our movement forwards, whereas nettles might represent people actually trying to prevent progress. The image of vegetation also links with the forest and with the archetypal image of the jungle. Consult the entries for Forest and Jungle for further clarification.

More interpretations:
Vegetation (Common): To see vegetation in your dream, represents obstacles that you have to overcome ...