Interpretation of dream: Umbilical cord

The Silver Cord is an image seen psychically as the connection between body and soul, and is also perceived in dreams. As we begin to grow spiritually this is often seen as being connected at, or near, the solar plexus or belly button. The umbilical cord particularly represents the life-giving force and the connection between mother and child. Severing the umbilical cord often appears in teenage dreams as the child grows into adulthood. Often in life we can develop an emotional dependency on others, and the umbilical cord in dreams can signify that dependency. We have perhaps not yet learnt to take care of our own needs in a mature way. In a woman's dream, an umbilical cord is more likely to be about her subtle connection to someone else, particularly if she has been pregnant, whereas for a man it is more likely to be about their connection to him. Some men will dream of the umbilical cord when trying to escape from an overpossessive mother. Also consult the entry for Navel.

More interpretations:
Umbilical cord (Common): To see an umbilical cord in your dream, represents your lack of individuality. ...