Interpretation of dream: Trespassing

We are approaching areas of knowledge where we cannot go without the permission of a higher spiritual authority. Trespassing indicates that we have not yet been initiated into the correct level of awareness. If it is our personal space or area that is being trespassed upon, then we need to look at our own boundaries and whether we are comfortable with them in waking life. Sometimes it is interesting when interpreting the dream to find out whether we feel that the trespasser is there voluntarily or has just wandered in. We can then work out whether we are a victim or not. When we find ourselves trespassing in a dream, we are perhaps intruding on someone else's personal space or area of expertise in waking life. This may also suggest that there is a part of ourselves that is private and feels vulnerable. We should respect those boundaries. You might also like to consult the entries for Initiation, Intruder, Invade/Invasion and Victim.