Interpretation of dream: Tools

Spiritual tools which can be symbolized in a practical way are love, hope, compassion and charity. As tools of understanding, Tarot cards, Runes and other divinatory devices will appear in dreams as our knowledge increases. Each tool will have its own significance in dreams A drill suggests working through emotions and fears as well as attitudes that have become hardened. Both a hammer and a mallet provide the energy to break down old patterns of behaviour and resistances. A saw suggests being able to cut through all the rubbish we have accumulated in order to make something new. The garden spade is another such tool. Tools in dreams suggest the practical tools we have at our disposal for enhancing our lifestyle. Our profession or work will give ready images of tools we use and to be using tools that are not ones we normally use will highlight skills or abilities we may need to develop. Consulting the entries for Chisel, Hammer and Mallet will provide further information.

More interpretations:
Tools (Common): To see or use tools in your dream, represents your self-expression, skills and ...