Interpretation of dream: Tide

Spiritually, it may well be a simple image, such as the tide turning, which indicates that we are finding our way and can progress on our spiritual journey with confidence. In waking life there are two times in the year when there are very high tides the spring and the autumn. Thus, in dreams, an exceptionally high tide might signify those times or that our emotions are running at a particularly high level. A moon over a moving tide would, at a certain stage of development, suggest the powers of the feminine. Dreaming of a tide is attempting to go with the ebb and flow of life or, rather more specifically, with the emotions. As a tide also removes debris, the symbolism of cleansing is relevant. A high tide may symbolize high energy, whereas a low tide would suggest a drain on our abilities or energy. Consult the entries for Autumn, Emotions, Moon, Spring and Seasons as well as the information for Seas in the Water entry.