Interpretation of dream: Tax

Spiritually, any tax levied in a dream would indicate our attitude towards working for the greater, or communal, good. We need to take some responsibility for the universe we live in. In real terms, a tax represents the extra amount of effort necessary to enable us to belong to society. Thus, dreaming of car tax would indicate that greater effort is needed to move forward. To be paying income tax suggests that we may feel we owe a debt to society. To be paying council tax may suggest that we feel we have to pay for the ?space? in which we exist. Refusing to pay any taxes suggests an unwillingness to conform. In everyday life, a tax represents a sum of money exacted from us in return for the right to live a certain lifestyle. In dreams, therefore, having to pay a tax suggests some kind of a penalty for living the way we choose. Consult the entry for Money or further clarification.