Interpretation of dream: Taste

As we become more sensitive and aware, our tastes become more refined. As we progress spiritually we may find the crass and the gross harder to deal with. In waking life we usually know what we like and what our personal standards are. In dreams those standards may be distorted in order to highlight a change. For instance, to discover that we like a colour in a dream that would not normally be appreciated in real life could suggest that we need to study the new colour more fully in order to discover what it has to offer. When something is not to our taste in a dream, it does not conform to our ideals and standards. To be aware of a bad taste in dreams suggests that whatever is signified by what we are eating or experiencing does not nourish us. If we find something a bit tasty we are aware of fine living. To recognize that our surroundings are in good taste suggests an appreciation of beautiful things. Consult the entries for Colour and Food for further information.

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