Interpretation of dream: Stab

When we realize that we can use particular skills, they can assume an almost ritualistic feeling. Fighting and stabbing movements (as in martial arts) are a means of spiritual discipline. We need to understand appropriate behaviour. When we make ourselves vulnerable we are open to being hurt. Often a stab is a quick way of achieving a result. For instance, to be stabbing at something rather than somebody would suggest the need to break through some kind of shell or barrier in order to proceed. To be stabbed in a dream indicates our ability to be hurt. To stab someone is, conversely, to be prepared to hurt but also with the faculty of being able to get straight to the point. Since a stab wound is penetrative it has obvious connections with aggressive masculine sexuality and will have this meaning in feminine dreams. In a man's dream it is more likely to be to do with his ability to get straight to the point. Consult the entries for Dagger, Knife, Rite/Ritual and Wound/Wounding for further information.

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